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Seraphim Blueprint Courses Levels 1-6

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  • 300 US dollars
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Level 1: Angel Healing Seraphim Angel Healing is the most powerful healing energy known on the planet right now. By taking this workshop you will be able to transform your life, raise your own vibration and those of others and help the planet by using these energies. You will feel : ~ More harmony ~ More balance ~ More health in your life ~ More financial resources You will be initiated by the Seraphim Angel into 2 different healing frequencies enabling you to empower crystals and energize rooms/enclosed spaces. These abilities can be used for yourself and others. After you experienced the seraphic energies in level 1, your personal and spiritual growth will receive a push in level 2. Level 2: Sacred Geometry In this Level you will be initiated into 2 new energies with 9 sub energies, that are about breaking down karmic boundaries that limit our accomplishments in this lifetime and establish a strong connection to our heart. One is the supreme organizing power of the universe, and the other is the power to help remove karmic limitations through the creation of new forms. These Energies help us to continuously expand our pre-birth plan, allowing us to achieve more in this lifetime and reach higher consciousness levels. We start to constantly vibrate on a higher frequency of Love and above. In addition, the sub frequencies that you will be initiated into by the Seraph allow us to feel the strong connection from our heart to our brain. Level 3: Manifestation Just like in Levels 1 and 2 the Seraph provides access to two new energies: The first energy will support the Seraphic three-phase-structure for manifestation. It is very powerful and allows you to manifest without effort. The other frequency you receive will assist in accessing the higher levels of consciousness - the transcendental. This allows for deeper insights into higher dimensions and your soul purpose. It will also help those who struggle with manifestation so far, because they seem to manifest against the flow. With the seraphic energies you can reach higher levels of consciousness to get clarity about the most appropriate projects for you, the topics that are in alignment with your soul purpose, so that you can begin manifesting with "the flow" of universal support. Level 4 : Cosmic Splendor Level 5: Planetary Healing Level 6: Grace and Union with Source


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